Free call to any Land and mobile phones*

Group Video calls up to 7 Friends

Group Calls up to 20 Friends

Low Cost International Calls

Pay as you go

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Calling Plan

A Perfect Calling Plan to Save on Calls

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min. Mobile / Landline calls.Just ¢/per min

Special Deals

Earn free credit using Offer Wall and make International calls without spending a penny


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(~0.01 USD)


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(~0.007 USD)

Group Calls, Chat and Video

Connect with more than half a dozen of your friends on video chat at a time. Share your moments together irrespective of where you are.

Affordable International Calls

Save up to 95% on your international calls. You define your limits.

Secure Messaging

Secure your messages with state of the art Public/Private Key encryption now with Avoo.

Offline Messaging

Send and receive messages even when Off-Line.

  • Video Message
  • Voice Message
  • Text Message
  • Call Me Notification

Smart Dial / Smart Contacts

With Avoo you don't need to change your dialing habit. Dial any number or select any contact from phone address book. We will connect your call as normal.

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No emergency calls with Avoo | Avoo application is not a substitute for your landline and thus cannot be used for calling any emergency services.

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